Communications Training

Refined and honed over many years, we have conducted customized communications training programs for spokespersons from widely diverse corporations and associations.

Our programs also have extended to individuals in politics and public service. Our communications training is direct, tough and tailored to fit the exact needs, issues and industry of a specific client. It is not a generic, one-size-fits-all program.

At Ayers Public Relations, a training session is a fast-moving combination of information discussions followed by actual role-playing involving at least one working journalist. The approach is supportive in that it strives to enhance a participant’s strong points while correcting weak ones through the use of constructive criticism and a videotaped review of each individual’s performance under realistic conditions.

Unlike many communications training programs in which participants are taught only how to respond to questions, we teach participants how to control questions, enabling them to send the messages they need to communicate. Our training programs are carried out by experienced staff, all of whom are skilled communicators in their own right.