Issues Management and Crisis Communications

Reduced to its essence, public relations is a communications function used to create understanding, change or preserve public opinion, and/or manage reputations. This is the practice of issues management - an area in which we excel.

We routinely monitor, track and analyze events that may impact – for either good or bad – our clients’ businesses. We act as anticipatory, objective problem solvers on your behalf. The depth and breadth of our knowledge is then applied as required. Our goal most often is to use appropriate communications to enhance or diminish the effect an issue may have upon our clients, depending upon whether the issue is beneficial or harmful.

One the most critical issues an organzation can face is a crisis.  We view crisis communications as a subset of issues management. As crisis communications specialists, we have counseled a variety of organizations through crises large and small. We have helped create messaging, conduct training and manage communications. We know that a crisis, if managed poorly, is an issue that almost always results in damage to an organization and we work hard to minimize any potential negative impact.