Communications & Media Training

Communications & Media Training

Get tough training to answer tough questions – and manage your message

Who needs communications and media training?

The easier question to answer is: Who doesn’t need it? Your entire leadership team, your Director of Marketing & Communications, your company spokesperson or any employee, board member, key volunteer or other affiliated stakeholder who may find himself or herself facing a microphone and rapid-fire tough questions all benefit from such training.

Your leaders and company spokespeople need training to successfully manage interviews or meetings with:

  • Reporters working for all types of local and national media including industry publications
  • Shareholders and investment groups
  • City council members, special-interest groups and other community leaders
  • Any type of government entity, whether it’s city, county, state or federal

Get communications training that is direct, tough and tailored to fit your needs.

For decades, companies have relied on Ayers Public Relations for communications and media training that’s geared to their specific issues and industries. Our communications and media training is never a generic, one-size-fits-all program!

Refined over many years, our PR pros have conducted customized spokesperson and message delivery training for spokespeople in widely diverse organizations. Our training programs are carried out by experienced staff members, all of whom are skilled communicators in their own right.

How is our program different?

Most media training programs simply teach you how to respond to questions. We do more. We teach you how to manage what’s asked! This empowers you to communicate the message you need to convey. Our fast-moving training program combines informative conversations and videotaped role-playing with media-savvy professionals, so you and your people get to practice what we’ve discussed.

While our approach is tough and direct, it’s also supportive. At Ayers Public Relations, we strive to enhance your strong points while correcting weak ones via a thoughtful critique of your videotaped performance under realistic conditions. Our communications and media training program is an engaging, enlightening and positive experience for participants – and worth its weight in gold for any organization that needs to manage its message.

Get guidance NOW.

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