Enhancing Your Social Presence

Perhaps you are like me and want to become more engaged with your target audiences via social channels. But let’s face it, coming up with content that connects can be uber tough.  Here are three easy tips to help you shine on your socials.

Make a communications calendar

As a public relations professional, I constantly fall into the trap of thinking that some awesome topic will simply drop out of the sky right when I need it. Uh, no. That doesn’t happen very often. And when it does, you might not be in a position to immediately analyze the situation and comment. By planning ahead, you have at least a modicum of control over the topic and timing. Plus, doing so makes it way easier to track engagement and pick-up.

Create evergreen content

Following on to the above, you should create some evergreen content that you can use when you are short on time or ideas. Be sure the topic is something that has longevity no matter the news cycle. For PR pros that could mean topics like the importance of research in guiding a campaign, ideas for being a better spokesperson, the importance of ethical communications and the like.

Mix original and curated content with targeted likes and comments

Mixing up your content not only keeps your readers and viewers interested but it also can help you with planning and time management. Sure, developing original content is the gold standard for engagement. But you can still establish and maintain a presence on your social channels by leveraging content from others (with attribution, of course) or simply commenting on their work.

These are but three simple ideas for enhancing your online engagement with target audiences. The bottom line is to truly connect through your social channels, it is vital to think ahead so that you can consistently deliver the content that matters to them.